My Bucket List.

25th July 2017

This month marked the 5 year anniversary of my Daddy’s passing. He was just 52 years old when he left this world… not very old, is it? Isn’t that usually when people go out and buy a sports car or motor bike because they’re having a midlife crisis? As time goes on, it makes me wonder how much my Dad would have loved to do that he was never able too (and not just because of his ‘situation’, but because his days were cut short).

Less than a week before he passed away, he said these words to me: “Now listen Bethy Boo, if things don’t go the way we want them too, life┬ácan’t change. You have to carry on living your life to the full – you can’t let it hurt you or take over your life. I’ll always be there really.” As much as that hurt to hear, and it did take over at first, I knew he was right.

So, Daddy – I am going to live my life to the full, and I plan on completing so many exciting adventures that I’ll share with you when we meet again. Until then, you can watch me from above!

Readers – here it is… My Bucket List! Some of the things on here may seem totally insignificant or even impossible, but it’s my list and my dreams! & hopefully, as I tick them off, you’ll follow my blog and read all about the adventures I go on as I share them with you!


My Bucket List*:

  1. Visit Disneyland Paris at Christmas Time.
  2. Swim with Dolphins.
  3. Go on a proper road trip!
  4. Take part in the RunDisney Races in Paris – 5k/10k. (I’d love my brother to do this with me!)
  5. Ride on the back of a motorbike.
  6. Pass my driving test.
  7. Travel First Class on a train.
  8. Visit an African Safari.
  9. Own a Mini (preferably red!).
  10. Go to Lapland in December!
  11. Buy our own house.
  12. Travel around Australia.
  13. Be present at a birth (other than my own children!).
  14. Travel around America.
  15. Learn a new hobby.
  16. Get a tattoo.
  17. Stroke a Tiger!
  18. Relearn Musical Instruments.
  19. Attend an Exhibition.
  20. See a show on Broadway.
  21. Have a Spa Day.
  22. Travel first class with an airline. *those beds!*
  23. Send (at least 20) meaningful cards/letters – __/20.
  24. Host an American Style Christmas! (You know? OTT!)
  25. Order room service in a posh hotel.
  26. Run a Race For Life.
  27. Help 5 different charities – __/5.
  28. Take a spontaneous holiday.
  29. Visit a variety of the Wonders of the World – completed: 2.
  30. Host a Garden Party!
  31. Regularly help those in need (family/friends) with Hampers!

*In no particular order! I will update/add to it from time to time too!


  1. Thats great beth I do hope and praying you get to do all of your bucket list

  2. Great to have a goals list Number 24 is fun but American Christmas is only really OTT with how they do up the house All about Thanksgivings Thats the fun one You can do it with family and friends and you have so much immediately in the room to be thankful for

  3. You go for it Beth. I hope you tick off every single wish xxx

      Thank you Bev! Xx

  4. My beautiful friend I hope you get to do everyone of these and really experience life at its fullest! But you kinda already done 19- attend a exhibition: you came to an art exhibition that my Nan was part off over in the Wirral, so lovely I hope that can be half ticked off your list Much love always Bec ?

      Thank you darlin'! Hopefully you'll come along and experience some with me! I remember! We giggled most of the night, both at your grandad & my dad! I've done a few already to be honest, but I want to do more! I think, now I'm that little (a lot) bit older, I'd appreciate it so much more! Love yaaa!! Xxx

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